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70 Motocross Tattoos For Men – Dirt Bike Design Ideas

Rev up your fashion engines with the chivalrous firepower of a motocross tattoo. Dirt bike emblems are becoming a major hit among all MX enthusiasts.

Motocross tattoos accentuate one of the most manly pursuits possible, and they bring the racing thrills to a new arena.

Body art is being boosted by the uncouth dominance of these racing illustrations. There are limitless options on the horizon for guys who consider themselves fans of both motorcycles and tattoos.

The bikes are prime selections for motocross tattoos, and tons of realism can be captured in the machinery. Tires are frequently the recipients of extensive details, and their finite nature is amply boosted by sweet shading techniques. Helmets are another piece of the motocross world that receives an extremely striking treatment in tattoo form.

Your favorite biker can be remade with unbelievable accuracy, and his profile can be joined by an iconic vehicle. Motocross tattoos are a vessel of unrivaled masculinity, and their power is often boosted by blazing fires, checkered flags and demented injuries.

To reach gallant gumption in ink, dirt bike body art is the only path that you should follow. To speed up the process of your inspiration, simply accelerate through this amazing collection of motocross tattoos.


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85+ Best Biker Tattoo Designs & Meanings - For Brutal Men (2019)

Biker tattoos are unique tattoos that are specifically adored by a certain group of people. As the name suggests, they can be worn by bikers. In some cases, they can be worn by any lover of the Harley-Davidson bike. They are applied on the body and they will contain specific meanings all together.



To begin with, these tattoos are normally mistaken for the prison gang tattoos. They will range from one type to another, both in terms of the design and the meaning. They will appear with skulls, flames and skeletons.

Most of the people categorize these designs with negative meanings and basically, they are linked to the dark world. For instance, there is a biker gang that call their group the Hells Angels. The skulls are linked to death, which is why many people link it with negative meanings. 


On the other hand, these tattoos could be used by the bearer to show their total dedication to biking. They will also be used to symbolize honor, character, valor and bravery. The bearers of these tattoos are mostly feared because they tend to have an unmatched courage. 


Some people will apply the tattoo as a way of showing that they belong to a certain gang. The tattoo can be used as a brotherhood symbol. Most of the new members in a certain gang will be expected to have the tattoo as an initiation sign. 

They can also be used to symbolize liberation and the fee will of the biker, which is one of the common motto of the bikers. The tattoo might be used to portray a message to the general public while at some point they can be used to show the biker’s dedication. 


Some might use them to commemorate biker that died. This one might have the emblem of the biker gang and the name of the deceased biker. The tattoo might also be drawn as a sign of the art appreciation since they entail more details. 

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The placement of these tattoos is very open and you can basically apply them wherever you wish to. Nonetheless, due to their detailed design, they are mostly applied in areas with more skin. The bearer of the tattoo will decide where they will apply the tattoo.

The most common area of placement of these tattoos is the back, the arms, the neck, the chest or the wrist area. For a biker that has bigger arms, they will comfortably apply the tattoos on the wrist or the arm. The neck area will also be suitable for those with a bigger neck. 

All in all, they will look better if they are viewed easily on the skin. So if you have smaller arms, you might want to apply it on the chest or the back. Normally, they will be applied to show a personal dedication or send a message to the public. For that, it is not a must for them to be seen by the public. 

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When it comes to the types of the tattoos for the bikers, the list is almost endless. They will take different forms and designs and will be based on what is included in the tattoo. These tattoos usually contain a unique aura of rebellion and they may not be understood easily.

Here is a look at some of the common categories of the tattoos for bikers:

This is supposedly a must-have tattoo for every biker. It can contain the name on its own that has been written with a special design. They can also contain a special logo, which is well understood by the biker.

In most cases, the Harley Davidson tattoo design will feature an eagle that is perched on the Harley Davidson banner. This tattoo can be used to represent freedom and love, which will be understood better by the biker.

  • Eagles or eagle wings tattoos.

These ones can be used separately and have individual meanings, or they can be used as another type of the Harley Davidson tattoo logo. The Eagle can be designed as a whole, or they might be the wings of the eagles alone.

These tattoos might also be used to show the patriotism of the biker since the Eagle is a common symbol of America.

Another common design for the bikers, which is used with a special meaning or it can be used as a symbol of the Harley-Davidson logo. This is a common logo for biker gangs.




These tattoos are some of the most common designs that are used by many bikers. It can either be a skull or a skeleton on the bike, which can be drawn individually or along with other symbols. They may be drawn along with fire flames, snakes or glowing eyes.


These tattoos can be linked with some negative symbolism and also, they can be used as a logo of a specific group.

There can also be some special designs of the tattoos, which will be applied along with the hearts. These designs are commonly applied by the ladies. It could be a female biker or a lover of the biker. The hearts can be combined with barbed wire, ribbons or bows.

They could be used to show their love and support to the biker, or they can have other special meanings.



  • Symbol and quotes design.

You can also find a tattoo that has a unique biker’s symbol, which is combined with a set of words. The words might be a special quotation that will act as a motivational quote. The meaning of this type of tattoo will depend on the set of words that have been applied.

The tattoos for the bikers will generally have a range of meanings, which will depend on what is applied. Some can be a plain black color theme while others will have a blend of more colors. You will want to ensure that you find the right tattoo artist, who understand these types of tattoos.

This will help you to have an elegant tattoo that will be outstanding and give out the right meaning to the public.


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